As a family of disciples sent on mission by God, we engage the world with the gospel by…

  • partnering financially with individuals and ministries
  • Partnering in prayer with missionaries and pastors
  • Partnering with organizations for the training of pastors and church planters
  • Partnering with individuals by the sending of short term teams
  • Partnering with local ministries

Missionary Partners

Sammy and Winnie Ndumu

Nairobi, Kenya

Sammy and Winnie are our missionary partners serving in Nairobi, Kenya. They are actively ministering to, and providing training for churches in 12 villages near their city. They participate in the work of multiple ministries that serve the Nairobi area.

Robert Kamau


Robert Kamau is based in Nashville, Tennessee were he runs an organization called Africa Transformational Leadership. Kamau regularly travels to Africa to run training programs for African pastors and church leaders.


Zicky Chanda serves in Zambia, where she runs Lighthouse Christian School.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Roman is our mission partner in Saint Petersburg Russia. His focus is working with the church to minister to youth and refugees in the area.

South Asia

Sabita and Ramesh serve as missionaries to South Asia. Ramesh helps to train house church pastors, and Sabita shares the gospel with women and students on University Campuses.

Interested in giving to our Missions Fund?

Contact us to find out how

601-924-9912 | parkway@pbcclinton.org

Prayer Partners

Tiago Oliveira in Portugal

Lauren in Central Asia

Drew and Morgan Williams in Japan

Lauren Stovall in Peru

Partners in South East Asia

Mission Organizations

Operation Christmas Child

Each fall we launch our drive to pack shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. These boxes serve as vehicles to meet physical needs and to distribute the gospel to children throughout the world.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Each December we, along with Southern Baptist Churches throughout the US, take part in a special offering to raise funds for the International Mission Board. These funds help to send and support missionaries across the globe.

Local Missions

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Friends of Alcoholics

Margarett Lackey State Offering

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