The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet is most famous amongst the Hollywood filming industry for being the only thing capable for defeating a werewolf. Therefore, in past films, many characters
depended solely on and sought to possess a single silver bullet.  When it comes to walking with God, things that ought to be simple, can become complex. The nature of being can be replaced with doing, which leads to a burdensome journey and that is the opposite of the relationship that Christ calls us to.

Recently, our youth group ventured to Global Youth Camp in Chatsworth, GA where we were strengthened in unity & called to develop a greater understanding of the Word and prayer. One of the tangible goals we set together was to memorize John 1 (chapter one) through the remainder of the summer. We were able to see why scripture memory was important and how Jesus Himself, modeled this in His own life.  The journey through memorization has been exciting because of the unity and accountability that the goal was founded on. We are only one week into John 1 and the experience has been encouraging.

Since last week, I have thought about many of the benefits of scripture memory and the equipping nature of the discipline itself. We know from Hebrews 4 that the Word has power, purpose and is personal when opened, read, studied, meditated upon and memorized.  Personally, it seems that the Word is profitable (2 Timothy 3) in every aspect of the journey with Christ.  Through scripture memory, we are more apt to recognize temptation and the desire to flee is therefore stronger. Along with this desire is the greater sensitivity to the voice of God through His meditated & memorized Word. Through the sensitivity to hearing the voice of God, the desire to pray and fellowship with God becomes greater and clearer. Finally, I believe we become more comfortable speaking about God to others when His Word is marinating in our minds.
We as a group are discovering that scripture memory is similar to a silver bullet in that it does so much even though it is a single aspect of the journey with Christ. It is as if it’s aim is specific yet it covers so much when applied. Not wanting to be trite in stating this, but it seems to simply get the job done.  With all that said, if you want to join us in memorizing John 1, we invite you to do so! Consider a pace that you are comfortable with along with the joy of drawing closer to Christ, being strengthened in His grace and shining brighter His light.

Yours in Christ,
Louis Zinc

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