A Louisiana Labor Day

Labor Day signifies the true end of summer in people’s minds. It often is celebrated with one last beach trip, mini-vacation or poolside Bar-B-Q before the school routine takes over. But for 30 people from Parkway, it actually meant Labor. On Sunday, a team from Parkway traveled to Gonzalez, LA to serve with Disaster Relief resulting from the flooding in that region. After an enjoyable meal at Broma’s Deli in Brookhaven, we arrived at FBC Gonzalez just in time for bed.

The following day was filled with both working and waiting. One crew was sent off to begin gutting houses & cleaning debris, while the other team waited for work orders. Once the work orders came, the other team was sent off to begin doing similar work.

The day was rainy and therefore muddy. The work was hard. The effects of the flood were disastrous. But God’s presence was evident and all aspects of this trip were covered in His fingerprints.  What took place in our team & the Body of Christ at FBC Gonzalez could not have happened if we had spent Labor Day for ourselves.

Jesus emphasized losing your life so you would truly find it and to give your life away in order to gain true life back. It is amazing the experience that comes by walking in good works that have been prepared beforehand for God’s people. The work accomplished on Labor Day was taxing but at the same time refreshing. The work was hard, yet it was easy, because of the attitude & mindset of our team.  A 24-hour trip to Gonzalez had an eternal impact on both our team & the Gonzalez Community. Jesus was right in stating that when you lose your find, you will actually find it.

Losing and giving-up is not typical of our Labor Day traditions. But this Labor Day was different and this group will be different in the days ahead because of it.

Thank you to Jeremy Starnes, FBC Gonzalez & to the Disaster Relief volunteers for serving us so well while we served your community.   Thank you to Parkway for sending us to Gonzalez equipped to serve with supplies & our Savior in mind.

Also, thank you to Morgan Browning for capturing the trip through pictures & video…so please enjoy the video below.

Serving Him,


Louis Zinc




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